Landscaping Lighting

Distinctive NatureScapes provides innovative designs and installation of landscape and holiday lighting. Our lighting products are commercial grade and will give decades of trouble free service. In recent years we have promoted the use of LED lamps. LED’s are very long lasting, up to 70,000 hours and use about 1/10th the amount of electricity as conventional halogen lamps. We are able to use a smaller wattage transformer and design possibilities are virtually endless using low wattage LED lamps.

Distinctive NatureScapes, Inc. has been installing professional lighting for 14 years. Low voltage lighting will transform your home and landscape into a nighttime wonder land showing interesting shapes, shadows, and highlighting architectural features of your home.

Low voltage lighting not only improves the aesthetics of your landscape and home, it provides safety as well. Low voltage lighting uses a 12 volt system to put the proper amount of light where you need it. The cost of operation is less than typical 110v lighting, safer too.

Let us design a low voltage lighting system for you and turn your nighttime in to delight time.

Quality Lighting Products from Our Partners

We’re fortunate to have as our partners three of the most reliable manufacturers of high-quality landscape lighting fixtures in the industry. They offer innovative, high-quality lighting products that building contractors, homeowners, and landscapers prefer. Here are our partner manufacturers and their great product lines:


Philips Hadco offers a wide range of LED lighting fixtures that can fit every possible lighting needs and requirements. They carry underwater lighting, accent lights, path lights, floodlights, and many other lighting fixtures that are ideal for walkways, parking lots, lawns, and many other areas in commercial establishments and private residences. We recommend their LED products for their cost efficiency, affordability, attractiveness, and a wide range of design options.


Kichler manufactures premium lighting products that seek to address all landscape lighting concerns. From fluorescent and LED lights to path lights and accent lights, Kichler’s lighting solutions exude elegant style and charm while offering functionality and safety to everyone moving around your landscape at night.

Vista Professional

The products in Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting’s catalog range from specialty lights, in-ground, and underwater lights to lighting fixtures for paths, steps, and wells. Their offered lighting solutions are prized for their ease of installation, aesthetic merits, and exquisite craftsmanship that can make any landscape at night truly eye-catching and safe.

Our Landscape Lighting Team

When it comes to landscape lighting installation, repair, and maintenance concerns, it’s vital to have people with more than ample knowledge and expertise in the required tasks.

Fortunately, for many property owners in North Carolina, we employ only certified technicians and installers with decades of combined experience in the field. They are properly trained by people from our partner suppliers, so they know exactly how to fix manufacturer-specific lighting products. This also assures our clients of worry free and quick installation so they can enjoy the great benefits of our lighting solutions the soonest time possible.

Why Avail Our Landscape Lighting Services?

Aside from having a team of expert installers and technicians, we also take great pride in our wide selection of premium quality yet reasonably priced landscape lighting products. This allows us to easily pick the best lighting options that will suit our client’s’ specific needs. Meanwhile, with clients even coming from neighboring states, you’re assured that we’re highly competent with what we do. With a solid portfolio of successful tasks that include some of the most stunning landscapes in North Carolina, we are your best choice for your outdoor lighting concerns. Contact us via our web form or call us now at 704-630-0007.