Outdoor Living

Investing money and time to develop your outdoors is one of the most worthwhile decisions that you can make as a property owner. Specifically, you can expect some pretty good ROIs when you choose to invest in having different outdoor living amenities, such as water features, hardscapes, and the like. And when it comes to handling design and installation projects concerning these outdoor additions, we at Distinctive NatureScapes, Inc. are the leading contractors in North Carolina. We service select cities across the state, including Hickory, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Salisbury.

We’re known for our exceptional work quality, dependability, and low-cost professional services that have benefited numerous commercial and residential property owners. Please contact us soon and let us develop your outdoors into a great spot where you can rest, relax, and have fun with friends and family.

Our Recommended Outdoor Living Features

We can easily make your stay in your outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable by adding some truly wonderful outdoor living amenities. Among others, we can install bar and grill islands, brick ovens, or a fully furnished outdoor kitchen. To make staying extended hours bearable during chilly days or nights, we can add fire features that include fire pits and fire tables, as well as pre-made or custom-built fireplaces. Meanwhile, we can provide refreshing moments to hot or humid summer days by creating water features, such as waterfalls and pools. We can also install ponds, bird baths, and artificial streams to evoke nature’s appeal that will make your landscape more inviting.

An Outdoor Living Improvement Specialist

There are some great reasons why we’re your best choice for your outdoor living improvement project. We can make customized outdoor living features, or we have pre built features ready to be installed on your property.

We have dedicated design and build teams who will use your design ideas as springboards for the project plans that we will present to you for your approval. We’re known for our well-thought-out landscape designs and exquisite craftsmanship, so you can look forward to having truly functional, sturdy, and eye-catching outdoor living amenities that you can benefit from for decades to come.

A Reliable Outdoor Living Contractor

Distinctive NatureScapes, Inc. has been the leading landscaping company offering professional outdoor living design and installation services to North Carolina clients. With a solid portfolio that includes some of the most stunning landscaped properties in the state, we can assure you of outdoor amenities at a price that you can afford. Contact us via our web form or call today at 704-630-0007.