Snow/Ice Removal

Commercial & Residential

  • Front end loader
  • Bobcats
  • Small track loaders
  • Salt & brine application

Come winter season, it can be a hazardous thing to go out of one’s backyard on foot or aboard a vehicle with a heavy snow buildup blocking the way. While you can save money by shoveling snow out of your backyard or front porch, it can be a grueling task that will take too long when you lack the heavy equipment required. But why suffer when you can simply tap our expert snow and ice removal services right now?

Why Hire Professionals for Your Snow and Ice Removal Concerns?

While DIY homeowners will argue that removing ice or snow from one’s yard can actually be a fun activity, reality is that it can be an exhausting experience, aside from being a time-consuming task. The goal of a professional snow and ice removal company like Distinctive NatureScapes, Inc. is to ensure that commercial and residential property owners won’t have to go through all the trouble of manually clearing one’s property during winter. We have a full array of heavy equipment that allows us to complete clearing tasks quickly. From bobcats and front end loaders to salt and brine applicators and small track loaders, we have them in our company. We also have skilled and trained personnel who can operate these heavy equipment pieces with ease.

We follow efficient and time-tested snow and ice removal methods that let our personnel guarantee fast project completion with excellent results each time. We use industry-approved solutions like deicing salts, and we only dispose of snow to proper areas. Our crew members know how to effectively remove snow from your property, particularly on your landscape. They will take extra care to avoid damaging your plantings and other structures around your property. Ultimately, we offer you our unconditional guarantee of a properly cleared outdoors in the shortest time possible. This way, you can move around safely and effortlessly whether it’s day or night.

Hire Us Today

With a proven track record of successfully performing snow and ice removal tasks, we at Distinctive NatureScapes, Inc. are your best choice for these specialized jobs. Wherever you may be in North Carolina, we can surely get to your location and get rid of snow and ice buildup no matter how heavy it is or how extensive the covered area is. Please don’t hesitate to visit our Salisbury office during business hours so you can tell us your concerns personally. For faster response, you may contact us via our web form or call us at 704-630-0007. We look forward to keeping your property snow and ice-free.